As per 15th of June 2017 the new organisation of SAOC is in place. As backbone of the board and the committee former Scandinavian Airlines Duty Station Manager Ewout Franse accepted the role as Secretary General and Treasurer. Brenda Nugent of Delta Airlines and Arno van Dijk of TUI fly both accepted the role as acting President until a new President has been elected. Boardmembers Alexis Prins (SR), Frank van Balveren (LY), Richard Bond (AA) and acting chair Irma van Buuren (CX) withdrew from the board. Current members Marlou Bordes (KL) and Talitha Spierings (EY) were joined by new boardmembers Tarik Allali (AT) and Coen Wijma (AM). Novelty also is that starting first of July the SAOC office, room B727 in the Offices west, tower B, will be opened on Tuesdays from 09.00-17.00 and Thursdays from 10.00-18.00.