We would like to welcome two new sponsors.

Croon Aviation Lawyers and UCC-services BV.

Jochem Croon about Croon Aviation Lawyers:"Croon Aviation Lawyers provides legal support in all aspects of the Aviation industry. The breadth and depth of our Aviation practice for the Netherlands is unparalleled. Croon Aviation Lawyers believes the client is best served when high level legal expertise is combined with in depth operational knowledge of the Aviation industry and its business surroundings. We can act as the “key counsel” for the client, and can serve as your “outside” in-house counsel for the Netherlands and the EU. Our firm has the specialist you need." visit the website of Croon Aviation Lawyers:

Andrew Barker from UCC services: "For UCC-Services it is all about customer satisfaction. We work with pleasant and representative personnel to guarantee our Service with a Shine! UCC-Services has years of experience in cleaning executive lounges, offices, hotels, nursing homes and larger projects. We have a record turnover time for carpet cleaning. After the treatment carpets are dry and as new within 10 minutes." for more information regarding UCC-services visit the website: