Our Motto
The SAOC motto for the year 2016 and onward is: Stay focussed!


This motto serves a dual purpose and focus:
1. The purpose was and is to represent, inform, consult and safeguard the
Interests of the SAOC stakeholders in generic issues and keep doing that
in the years to come in a new SAOC structure. A smooth transition to the new
SAOC board structure is at this moment taking place. The three new executive
board members will be the backbone of the daily SAOC operation while
two new and two current members will be also active in handling
matters occurring at a dynamic airport Schiphol is.
2. Centralize our focus towards the strategic and financial subjects and
see to it that innovations and necessary developments are safeguarded
and executed, such as Upgrade Piers, Self Service Boarding Schengen and
non Schengen, Gate and Check-in capacity problems, Efficient security
process, Seamless passenger flow, Digital Airport Program, Development
A-Area and Airport Charges Consultation including investments.
By centralizing our focus we have been establishing reference groups to
dicuss points of view and collect valuable information and experience from
our members. We will continue this process together with the new Aiport
Ops organization.
We are confident that in this manner we are able to represent and
safeguard our mutual interests!

Our Vision
The SAOC is a strong, sound and independent organization acting on
behalf of the members by being a serious stakeholder and striving to
improve and optimize, safeguard and protect the generic interests of its

Mission statement
Our mission is to safeguard the ratio between Safety, Security,
Operations, Operating costs and Quality by managing the operational
conditions and excellence over the years to come.