At almost every International airport an organization exists which takes care of the common interests of the airlines operating regularly at that airport. Such organization, in line with IATA recommendations, is called an Airline Operators Committee (AOC).

At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport this organization is known as the
Schiphol Airline Operators Committee, in short SAOC.

Presently 48 airlines are member of the SAOC. Handling agents and airline related companies might become associated member. At the moment the SAOC counts 16 associated members.

To represent the interests of its members in the operational process at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the broadest sense, and to perform everything related or conducive to the foregoing is the main goal of the SAOC.

To that end the association will engage in the following activities:

  • Improving the efficiency (at reasonable costs) of the operational process and creating favourable conditions to facilitate the business operations of its members.
  • Coordinating contacts and improving communication between members, associated members, authorities and government bodies.
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue, education, advancement and improvement of all aspects of the airport operations by organising meetings, activities and seminars.
  • Participating in the various consultative structures of the airport, the sector, the authorities or stakeholders at operational, tactical and strategic level, including the airport consultations pursuant to the Aviation Act and the regular meetings for the purpose of these consultations.
  • Conducting legal proceedings (partly) on behalf of or for the benefit of one or more of its members against decisions, policy, legislation and the acts without an intended legal effect of public authorities, administrative bodies, the bodies responsible for slot coordination at Schiphol and the operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, including all proceedings for the purpose of the airport consultations referred to above.


The movie below will give a short impression about the SAOC and the  SAOC celebrating 50-years of doing business on Schiphol Aiport.