The Schiphol Airline Operators Committee (SAOC) is an association of airline companies operating fixed or regular services to, from or via Schiphol Airport. This in in conformity with the "Guidelines for the establishment of Airline Operators Committee" recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The SAOC Board consists of the Executive Committee and Portfolio Board Members who are appointed by the airlines members. The officers who constitute the Executive Committee are; The President (Chair), vice-President (vice-Chair) and Treasurer/Secretary. All members of the Board, with the exemption of the Treasurer/Secretary, are official representatives of member airlines.

Airline related companies which do not meet the requirements for membership as stated in the articles of association, and handling companies, may become associated members of the SAOC. Associated members do not have voting rights. Presently SAOC is representing 51 airline members and 17 associated members. It is our vision to be a strong, sound and independent organization who strives to achieve optimal conditions for operational excellence on the following policy areas:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Operation
  • Operation Costs


The purpose of the SAOC is to provide opportunaties for dialogue, advancement and improvement of all aspects of the airport operations through communications by means of briefings, quarterly member meetings, publications, our website, other presentations and social events. To facilitate airport operations pertaining the clearance and handling of passengers, crews, baggage, cargo and aircraft the SAOC shall dedicate attentive consideration particularly to:

  • Ensuring any adjustments to Industry rules agreed upon to overcome local difficulties;
  • Referring all matters related to facilities, operations and services both in the air and on the ground;
  • Referring all matters concerning medium to long-term airport development programs involvng the handling of passengers, cargo and aircraft;
  • Stay focused on safety, security, operational excellence and cost efficiency by transparency;
  • Play an active role in the decision making process with stakeholders;
  • Consult, involve and inform members about relevant issues.


The movie below will give a short impression about the SAOC and the  SAOC celebrating 50-years of doing business on Schiphol Aiport.




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